Fossil Mint Stone Circles

Two overlapping Fossil Mint sandstone circles with Terca Renaissance brick edging, near Nettlebed.
All on a slope, so well thought out and constructed by John!
Stone Circles

Larch Decking Platform


Before, during and after of a lovely Siberian larch decking platform overhanging a koi pond.

Well done to Simon and Nigel!

Replacement Pergolas


Simon & Nigel putting the finishing touches to 8 similar pergolas in Henley on Thames.

All posts inserted into Metpost bolt downs to aid timber longevity.

Marlow Raised Decking Progression

No decking




Black Sandstone Raised Patio

Raised Sandstone Patio

Large paving and brickwork project near Henley.

Retaining Sleeper Wall With Block Paving


A lovely small job completed before Christmas.

A sleeper retaining wall with seat, all waterproofed behind to protect the timber.

Brett Alpha Antique blocks were used to blend in with existing paving.

It tidied up the back of the garden, while creating a usable space for sitting out.

Tennis Court Path

Indian sandstone paving edges this tennis court, with autumnal colours.  The sleepers created the space for the path by keeping the soil back.IMAG0073.jpg